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You’re A... Skilful Skipper 

You sometimes skip the steps because you are so multi-passionate. You love trying new things and that is what you ARE meant to do!

You have so many skills, ideas, and passions and you want to do it ALL! Your lessons are in the process of your pivots! 💫


Your gift is respond to what keeps coming up in your life over and over again. You have so much energy to burn but that doesn't mean you should spread your energy too thin! Find the balance and focus on your zone of genius! 

You would be great as a mentor, course creator or operations manager because people want to harness your energy and ideas and you have the ability to create something amazing and then move onto the next thing!


You are led by your gut responses and you should use your energy by listening to what your gut is telling you!

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Here's A Tip To Use Your Superpower..

You have such a strong life force energy which means you can do so many things and not get burnt-out as easily!


It is important for you to take time for yourself, self reflection and self awareness is your success keys.


You are not here to prove anything but instead follow your passion's and enjoy the processes and learnings and the money will naturally come to you!

Here are 3 success tools you can use in order to embrace your true superpower. 

1. Notice the distractions.

It is great to be aware of the distractions that are swaying you off track. What is your zone of genius? What is making you feel truly satisfied? Run with THAT! ⚡️

2. Don't commit to things you think you 'should be doing'.

Drop the 'should's' No More FOMO! Stay in your own lane and map out exactly what the perfect business looks like for you?

3. Be aware of how your using your energy.

Trying to find that perfect balance can be a challenge so it is important to set boundaries and follow your own guidance. You can pivot and change but just take time to be present and be with yourself in order to gain clarity in your mind! 💫

Hey Skilful Skipper! I'm Zoe... Business Mentor & Mind Coach. I am from Edinburgh, Scotland and I have three daughters and two businesses!


As a mentor and coach, I share insights and inspiration about my journey of growing a business from absolutely nothing to multi six figures!


I have lots of free resources and videos over on my Youtube channel 💫


I also love connecting with my community over on Instagram 🕊

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🕊 Want To Know More 🕊

1. Listen to my podcast Podcast You will learn about business and mindset topics where I go deep, share my heart and interview some inspiring entrepreneurs.


2. Looking for deeper guidance and direction? Book a call. As a Skilful Skipper you are great at seeing things in others, but it can be hard to see the things in yourself. If you need someone to help you reach your goals and desires faster then I'm here for you!

The Skilful Skipper

What's up next for our connection? You'll get an email with your quiz results right away, so you can easily refer back to your action steps.


You'll also be hearing from me over the next few days, with tools to own your gifts.


Thanks for finding your money making superpower, beautiful! As you find more of your own gifts, the easier it becomes to help others with theirs. ⚡️


Create a life you love!

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