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You’re A... Passion Pusher 

You are the extremely passionate powerful type and you desire to create an impact and create change in the society around you!

As a passion pusher you are the innovator and creating change gives you the most satisfaction. You can sometimes intimidate other people as you have a closed and repelling aura.

Your gift is to be independent and use that to create impact. You would be great as a teacher or mentor so you can inform other people with your knowledge and skills.

You are here to lead other people and get things done therefore a success plan where you do not have to rely on others will serve you best!

You value being free to create what you want to create so it is important to find something that you love doing. Creating a one person business model might be exactly what you need.

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Here's A Tip To Use Your Superpower..

You need space to get into your creative flow - go out in nature or take a walk along the beach in order to get that creative spark that you desire.


It is important for you to inform people that you are working with in what you are doing, not asking for permission but to simply just let people know what you are doing to avoid resistance.


Your passion lies within the doing something where you can be fully independent and make your own decisions!

Here are 3 success tools you can use in order to embrace your true superpower. 

1. Find something that creates a sense of peace on your life.

You are looking for peace and to not be disturbed in your work so it is important to be aware of your working conditions.

Find a place in your home or in your working environment that will give you space to be with your own thoughts.

2. Find a business model where you are making all the creative decisions and outsourcing what you don't enjoy.

Collaboration can be very helpful in your business or work life because you move so fast it is hard to keep up with the workload by yourself, look for people that understand you and works well with your direct instructions. 
The more you understand how your energy works the easier it becomes!

3. Remember to keep people in the know.

Let people know what you are up to. You are not here to ask for permission but just to let people know around you what you are doing so they can get in and connect with you deeply. Behind the scenes content is good for you as you are showing people what you are up to!

Hey Passion Pusher! I'm Zoe... Business Mentor & Mind Coach. I am from Edinburgh, Scotland and I have three daughters and two businesses!


As a mentor and coach, I share insights and inspiration about my journey of growing a business from absolutely nothing to multi six figures!


I have lots of free resources and videos over on my Youtube channel 💫


I also love connecting with my community over on Instagram 🕊

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🕊 Want To Know More 🕊

1. Listen to my podcast Podcast You will learn about business and mindset topics where I go deep, share my heart and interview some inspiring entrepreneurs.


2. Looking for deeper guidance and direction? Book a call. As a passion pusher you are great at seeing things in others, but it can be hard to see the things in yourself. If you need someone to help you reach your goals and desires faster then I'm here for you!

The Passion Pusher

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Thanks for finding your money making superpower, beautiful! As you find more of your own gifts, the easier it becomes to help others with theirs. ⚡️


Create a life you love!

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