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Instagram Content Plan

Money Making Content Plan

Do you find yourself not having the time you need to create what you want? 
Well what if it was something you no longer had to worry about?

You might be thinking, that’s never going to happen for me. I have too much to do, or I have a full time job that I need to work around, or I have children to look after? 


Does this sound familiar? 


I know you have so much creativity inside of you that you just want to let out 


But having enough time or money is holding you back from breaking free!


You're so ready to make an impact on the world and earn uncapped passive income each month but you just wish you had a plan so that you could utilise your time more effectively? 

You have tried so many things already but nothing seems to be working? 

What should I be doing? 


How do I know where to start? 


What are the things that are going to move my business forward? 


You have consumed so much information that you should know what to do by now but you're just feeling overwhelmed and stuck! 


You just want to get more clients so you can make more income in your business but it seems so difficult.


Your so scared that you might not have the success you visioned when starting this journey


You have come so far but you are just not quite where you wanted to be yet? 


Are you spending your days consuming social media content trying to get all the answers but you're fed up wasting your precious time?


I know exactly how you feel because I was you not so long ago!

I spent FAR too much time trying to figure out my ‘niche’ 


I didn’t know how I could run my salon, look after three children, do the housework, look after myself, be a good wife and create great content for my online business


It sounds a lot (you might be thinking that sounds crazy) but I can tell you i manage it all with very little stress because of my mindset and systems i have created


You don’t need to make things complicated, in fact it can be as easy as you want it to be 


I won’t sit here and tell you that you don’t need to put in the work (that would be a lie) you definitely need to really want to do it badly enough


But I will tell you its 100% possible 


All you need is support, community and someone to guide you in the right direction


You want someone that has been where you are now and is proof that it is possible to get where you want to be


This is ME!

Zoe Wix Background 1.png

I have EXACTLY what you need in my signature course

This is a LIVE group course where I will be with you every single week on a video call teaching you my exact method that I followed to create a 6 figure business


You will be able to create amazing content that sells itself, become visible for your ideal audience and earn money doing the thing you love.


This is an ACTION based course that will develop your skills each week over 8 weeks so that by the end of the programme you will be able to create money making content that sells to your ideal audience.


The best thing about this course is that it is all about implementation, I will be checking what you have created each week in order for you to develop and grow your business.


  • You wake up each morning with excitement because you no longer feel confused on what you should be creating 

  • You have clarity on the direction you should be taking in your business (no more overwhelm)

  • You don’t have that fear of judgment online because your confidence is exploding

  • No more pricing blocks when it comes to charging your worth (your ready for those high ticket clients to start rolling in) 

  • You never have to second guess yourself again (your ready to fly free and live your dream life) 

  • Time is no longer an issue because you know exactly how you should be spending the spare time you have

Imagine a life where you are in the driving seat, a life where you get to wake up each day deciding if you want to work today or if you want to spend time with your children or go on a last minute holiday







In this 8 week live course you will go from not having enough time, clarity or confidence to finally know exactly how to start or grow your business to the next level so that you can create community and earn more income.

This is what you will learn in the ‘money making content plan’


I am all about making things as simple as possible, I don’t like too much fancy tech or fluff that you don’t need. This course is for action takers that don’t have lots of time to spare but want the results. 


  1. Becoming your best self (this module I will teach you how to embrace your uniqueness, build confidence and overcome mindset blocks)

  2. Planning and structure (this is one of my favourite modules where we build the foundations of your business) 

  3. Finding your brand voice (creating a stand out brand will separate you from everyone else)

  4. Pricing your offers (i will teach you how to overcome money mindset blocks so that you can create high ticket offers with ease)

  5. Content creation machine (this is where we go DEEP on content creation, everything you will ever need to know about social media marketing) 

  6. Visibility and connection (i will show you how to become visible in an ocean of small fish so that you can impact more people)

  7. Launching your services (think lead magnets, building your tribe and marketing the easy way) 

This is exactly what you will get in this course:

  • 8 week live coaching calls with me including action steps to follow each week 

  • Private FB community with high touch support from myself 

  • Lifetime access to the programme modules with all updates 

  • Recordings of every single call so that you can revisit it at at time

  • My personal resources and systems to help you get inspired

I am passionate about getting my clients results, I always over deliver on the services I offer as my goal is to get people’s businesses off the ground so they can live a life they enjoy every single day.

Zoe Wix Background 1.png

Registration is currently closed for

You can join the wait list below to be the first to know when registration reopens!


My name is Zoe and I am a mother of three beautiful daughters, I own my own hair & beauty salon with a team of 8 employees which runs on passive income so that I can help other people improve their mindset and create their own businesses.

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