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You’re Superpower is the Intuitive Guide

You are always one step ahead of everyone else. You see things in other people that they do not see in themselves. 

As an intuitive guide you are extremely efficient and you are here to work on focus zones on create tasks that you LOVE!

Your gift is to guide. You would be great as a coach, teacher or mentor as you can really understand the needs of other people and put their goals into fruition. 

Your niche lies within the stories you have to share, the lessons you have learned from your own experiences. You do not need to box yourself in so small as you have so much wisdom to share with the world. 

You are led by your desires and aspirations because you know you deserve all the abundance in the world and you will achieve it!

Here's A Tip To Use Your Superpower..

Do not feel like to have to help everyone. You are here to share your gifts with those who recognise you for what you have to offer.


Create a brand and business model that feels expansive for you. Do not create something on what you think you need to create.


It's also important for you to regularly indulge in alone time so that you’re open to receive all the guidance the universe has for you.


Your passion lies within the success you bring to your life, this can be in monetary amounts or just feeling seen or heard!

Here are 3 success tools you can use in order to embrace your true superpower. 

1. Build a powerful personal brand.

The more you understand about yourself the easier it becomes to build an aligned brand that will resonate with the right audience 😉


To build a powerful personal brand you can..


Journal out things that you like or value


For example I like eating nice food (gluten free), I love a nice iced pinot blush in a fancy restaurant, I love reading self development books, I love going to the beach to feel free, I value honesty, growth, connection & freedom.

2. Find a marketing platform that utilises your strengths.

Because you are so fast paced and like to try new things you might easily get sidetracked by new shiny objects. 

Make sure when you are creating a content plan for your business that it feels aligned to how you like to learn and create content. 

If writing long captions makes you feel drained.. simply don't do it! Find a way that works for you because there are a million ways to do business!
Play around and don't be afraid to trial and error!

3. Create a ritual

You need structure because if you don't you might get pulled off track.


This does not mean that you need to be regimented (you like to be free also) but having structure will help you be more efficient!


Map out what you morning routine will look like, what does your evening routine look like?


Create boundaries in your business and work out what you negotiables and non negotiables are?

Hey Business Builder! I'm Zoe... Business Mentor & Mind Coach. I am from Edinburgh, Scotland and I have three daughters and two businesses!


As a mentor and coach, I share insights and inspiration about my journey of growing a business from absolutely nothing to multi six figures!


I have lots of free resources and videos over on my Youtube channel 💫


I also love connecting with my community over on Instagram 🕊


I connect on a deeper level with Intuitive Guides because I am one myself 🥰

We have such penetrating auras and we are here to create success!

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🕊 Want To Know More 🕊

1. Listen to my podcast Podcast You will learn about business and mindset topics where I go deep, share my heart and interview some inspiring entrepreneurs.


2. Looking for deeper guidance and direction? Book a call. As a intuitive guide you are great at seeing things in others, but it can be hard to see the things in yourself. If you need someone to help you reach your goals and desires faster then I'm here for you!

The Intuitive Guide

What's up next for our connection? You'll get an email with your quiz results right away, so you can easily refer back to your action steps.


You'll also be hearing from me over the next few days, with tools to own your gifts.


Thanks for finding your money making superpower, beautiful! As you find more of your own gifts, the easier it becomes to help others with theirs. ⚡️


Create a life you love!

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