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Hey, I'm Zoe!

My name is Zoe Mckenna, and up until not so long ago, I was in the exact same headspace as you are now, feeling a bit overwhelmed not knowing where to begin.

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Are you wanting to start your own business and get to a point where you are able to earn a living doing something that you love?

At a point in my life where it felt like the odds were stacked up against me, I knew that if ever there was a time to make a huge change (that I had been promising myself I would make...) it was then.

At the age of 23, I fell pregnant with my first beautiful baby girl. This was also the same time my own mother lost her battle with cancer, and I found myself suspended in the world of motherhood without my own role-model to look to for guidance.

During this time, I had a profound thought – and I was able to draw a parallel from my personal life to what I was hoping to accomplish in my professional life. Without my mother as a person I could turn to for advice on parenting, I found myself in a similar situation where I wanted to start my own business but didn’t know where to turn.

With no prior business knowledge, no money to start a company, and no experience in the business world, I knew that – as with my soon-to-be motherhood – this was something I had to figure out alone and be determined to succeed in.

"if you believe, you can achieve"

6 years on, I am the owner of my very own hair and beauty salon and the proud mother of three daughters. In the same way I hope to present myself as a role model to my kids, I am also passionate about helping those who have come to find themselves in a position where my story hits home.

I have grown my brand by actively learning the processes that must be pursued in order to become successful, all through my own resolve and in keeping a strong mindset. And although at times it seemed like my efforts were seeing little reward – I have been able to take on 10 employees within my business and am now constantly looking for opportunities to expand.

For more information on who I am, what I do, and how I can help you map out your next steps to success, visit my YouTube channel at or download my free lead magnets now.

With a detailed course aimed at bringing your life goals into action (coming soon), let’s connect and stay in touch.

I can’t wait to walk this path with you!

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